How to Data Recovery deleted files and corrupted data from an External Hard Drive

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External hard drives are portable storage devices like memory cards and flash drives that usually come in handy when one wants to store important documents for future reference. But as much as it’s convenient to store important data in such devices, risks of losing the important stored data is always real when files are deleted accidentally, formatting happens, corruption of the external hard drive and other physical reasons. Worried on how to recover your data? Well, not much to worry since data lost can still be retrieved though some files may be lost permanently. 

Data recovery depends entirely on the damage degree and damage part of the hardware and thus different ways to recover corrupt files. Some tips on how to fix these failures include; Scratches often hinder external device from being read by the computer. If they are not as much serious, one can fix them with a soft brush or soft cloth and get to retrieve data that could not be read. Dust and water on the drive surfaces also interrupt normal recognition of the drive and the files in it. One can try cleaning the surface of the drive using special tools then try connecting again to see if it works. 

If the drive is broken entirely then, no data can be retrieved at all but for soft faults file recovery is much possible using powerful data recovery software that only needs to be downloaded, select the file types to recover on the data recovery wizard, then select the disk where you lost your data for the software to scan the selected disk which will list recoverable files for you to select the ones you want. Click on the recover button to get them back and remember to save them on a separate disk. These are three simple steps on how to recover Linkedin data using recovery software which you can choose from the many in the market, making sure the data recovery software is powerful and a free corrupted one to get your important data back. 

Data recovery is always very frustrating and it takes much of our precious time when trying to recover the lost files. Prevention is always the best in such cases and we should always try best to avoid file loss by; checking the safety of the computer and files if they are virus free before connecting external data drive with important files. Storing portable devices in a great environment that is waterproof, sunshine free and dustproof is essential to help avoid physical damage and to prolong the devices life. Another important aspect is reducing operational errors when using the computer and the external hard drive to save you from file loss. Magnets erase data on an external hard disk easily, so try to keep them far from the drive. Storing vital information on these digital gadgets is safe and easy but with proper care and use it will go a long way.