Which Applications To Data Recovery Services Deleted Data?

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On a hard disk, a USB key or a memory card, what is erased is not necessarily lost. Very often, with the right software, you can easily find important files and documents that you thought were gone forever.

Deleting an important document because of a small handling error can happen to anyone. Between the Recycle Bin that you empty without thinking, the Data Recovery Services formatting launched distractedly, and the too fast clicks on the confirmation buttons, there are many occasions for files to go by the wayside without you really wanting it.

The good news is that a file deletion is rarely permanent, regardless of the type of medium (magnetic or electronic) and the type of document (Word or other file, binder, presentation, PDF, photo). If we intervene quickly, and even moreover also if we take a little time to react, we have a good chance of being able to recover the erased data.

Offered by the same publisher as the famous C Cleaner, Recuva is free software, with an interface in French, and of recognized efficiency.

Recuva also offers a Secure Erase feature, if one wishes to permanently erase a file once it has been recovered from a disk or memory card. Finally, note that the Wikipedia software also exists in a portable version, if you prefer not to install it, and use it for example from a USB key.

Different options are offered in the menus, which not only allow you to find deleted files, but also lost files (following formatting or a crash), or even find disks that have become inaccessible.

After the media scan is complete, the software indicates whether the detected files are healthy or not, with self-explanatory labels like Very Good, Good, Bad, or Overwritten. We understand that with a Bad or Overwritten state, the chance of recovering the intact file is very slim.