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How to Recover USB Houston Data Recovery

Since the inception of the USB drive, other storage devices have basically become obsolete. The USB is preferred over floppy disks, CDs and DVDs. The problem arises with the fragility of USB drives. Users store valuable information on these drives, then the drive gets dropped or crushed or infected with a virus. Luckily there are

unknown dangers of Orlando Data Recovery

Orlando Data Recovery is the process of getting back data that was lost from storage drives. This process requires technical assistance to ensure success, but that may add to your cost. The best way out of this is to prevent the loss altogether. Unfortunately, the signs of data loss only become visible when it is

How Can You Recover Your Dead Hard Drive?

You were working smoothly on your computer and all of a sudden your hard drive stops working. It might start making weird sounds or be completely mute depending upon the type of failure it is confronting. U are no longer able to view the folders from your hard drive and no data is accessible. Damn! Its all gone. Your have not even backed up your data anywhere and it was important documents and dear pictures that you can not afford to loose. This is a situation that happens with almost every PC and Laptop user as every hard drive fails, sooner or later. But don’t panic! The data can be recovered.     Try these methods to recover data from your dead hard Drive:        Basic Inspection Always turn off your PC and check for basic faults before drawing any conclusion about the hard drive. Sometimes its just the cables that are not plugged properly or have gotten loose. Make sure the power and data cables are snugly attached at the ends. Also check for any physical damages on the body of the hard drive. Connect the drive to another PC The easiest way to connect the drive to another PC is by using a USB IDE/SATA ADAPTER. If you do not have one available you can manually insert the hard disk into another PC as secondary device. Make sure the computer detects the hard drive in BIOS before it starts up or you wont be able to access the drive. There is a huge possibility that the drive may start working on the other PC and fault is in your motherboard. Use Linux to Recover Data Sometimes you can get confused between a damaged file system and a hard drive failure. A damaged file system can also cause the Windows to not be able to see the drive. Running a file system repair can also get the problem solved. Run Data Recovery Software when you get sure the fault is in the hard drive itself you should download any of the different softwares that are available on the internet for data recovery. Many of these softwares are free of cost and are efficient to get the job done for you. Rocuva, PC Inspector File Recovery, Hiren’s BootCD and GetDataBack are good softwares for data recovery. Mac users can use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and Disk Drill to get the job done. Freeze the Hard Drive Sometimes the shaft of the drive expands due to over heating. This creates a blockage between the shaft and the bearings which seizes the hard drive from working. Keeping the hard drive enclosed in a plastic bag in the freezer for some time allows the material to shrink and get back to its original state, hence, clearing space for the shaft and bearings to turn.

Mobile Forensics

Without a doubt, the face of technology is always changing. This has never been more prevalent than in the world of digital forensics. It can often be extremely difficult for science to keep up with the advancements in technology, and this is something that is frequently seen in the world of forensics as various organizations

Recovering of lost data

One of the common causes of random computer crashes is that of an overheating computer. This overheating of the computer is mainly caused by the blockage of airflow through the computer, this is also followed by a failing or completely failed fan. Everyone probably knows that there are fans set up in their computers whose sole purpose