The Best Data Recovery Tools

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The one best way for one to recover from an unexpected data loss is simply to be properly prepared. With any one of the following tools being on hand, you will always be ready to not only save but also secure your data from imminent loss. These data recovery tools are a must have. Whereas the best defense against data loss is usually the redundant and an actual real-time backup, we do understand that at times data loss comes unexpectedly. Whether it be that your vacation photos didn’t make it safely from your digital camera to your computer or a clumsy roommate deleted the very paper you have been tirelessly working on all week, having the right data recovery tools handy is very crucial to retrieving your data before it is completely lost.

List Of Data Recovery Tools

One of these data recovery tools is TestDisk. This is actually a powerful open-source tool used for recovering your lost data. Not only can it perform the basic file recovery such as undulating the accidentally deleted files from the FAT, the NTFS, and the ext2 file systems, it also comes with a host of quite an amount of additional functionality. With this open-source tool you can possibly recover your boot sector from a backup, then rebuild your sector, and then fix FAT tables, after which you fix your MFT, and then locate the ext2/ext3 backup Superblock, then copy the deleted files from the partitions to the recovery mode, and then find the lost sections in dozens of formats so as to help you in locating lost data. It is a command line tool, and as such there is no graphical user interface, but the available menus and documentation found in the wiki should be able to get you started without any trouble

Other Data Recovery Tools

Another outstanding data recovery tool is Recuva. This is actually a user-friendly Windows-based tool. Whenever you do run Recuva, you are capable of resurrecting missing files by using either the file-recovery wizard or you can use the application’s own manual mode. This file-recovery wizard is useful when you are certain that your data is gone, but not quite sure where it is located or how to retrieve it. This wizard allows you to narrow your search type to either pictures, or music, or documents, or video, or all files, and you then can set the search location to your whole computer, or removable media only, or My Documents, the Recycle Bin, or even a specified location. Should you not require the wizard, you can go right into manual mode and get down to work looking where you know the file should be.

Recuva usually uses a green/yellow/red light system to show how probable the recovery of your files is, and if available, it provides a preview image files available for the recovery. It also includes a tool for securely wiping files you find. It is handy when attempting a file recovery just to ensure that the files are actually truly gone.