Data Recovery Detects Deleted Web Browser History

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Whether you have cleared your web browser history, deleted your user account, or deleted the browser itself, Magic Browser Recovery can help you Data Recovery. The tool scans the entire hard drive through low-level access, detects and displays all the web browsers you have ever used on your computer, and restores data even if those browsers are no longer available.

Often, not only the history is cleared, but the files of the web browser are physically deleted. Magic Browser Recovery is the only tool that can help in such a situation!

The program scans the entire hard drive, including the file system, allocated and unallocated data blocks, detecting deleted browser history databases. After detecting the database, Magic Browser Recovery automatically restores the contents of the files, analyzes the database, extracts the history of records and displays it in such a way that it is easy for the user to view the Data Recovery.

Unlike similar tools that extract information from web browsers based on existing files found in the file system, Magic Browser Recovery analyzes information from individual blocks of Facebook data on the hard drive. This allows the program to find and recover deleted files and extract valuable data from corrupted, incomplete, and even partially overwritten browser databases.

As a result, you will be able to see which websites have been visited even if the user has cleared their browser history or used incognito mode.