Data Recovery And Files from Android phone

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Mobile devices are not designed to store information, so any mistake in operation will definitely lead to data loss. In addition, when a hard reset is performed, the phone or tablet deletes saved files.

Given this feature, for most users, data recovery on an Android phone is a very urgent problem. There are several ways to find deleted files.

In this article, we will consider two options: an independent solution, and the use of special programs that can be used to recover Facebook data from a phone.

In most cases, resetting and restoring on Android affects the phone book, installed applications, and user photos. What to do if you accidentally delete your data? How to restore them. Let’s start in order.

This method of recovering data on Android is not suitable for all devices. Older models lack the Android recovery function, so without using third-party applications, it will not be possible to return the lost information.

Applications. Restoring the application is much easier. Users install programs and games using the Play Market service. An account is created here, where information about all the actions taken is stored. You need to open the “My Applications” section, it is located in the main menu, select the desired file and reinstall it.

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