Can You Reverse Accidental Data Deletion?

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It is a dreaded occurrence for anyone using a computer to carry out a project or just go about the day to day duties like filing or finishing assignments to accidentally delete a particular file that was of extreme importance. This does happen even to the best of us and when most of us find ourselves in such a situation, not being sure what to do, they start panicking. This should however not be the case as with the proper guidelines and tools necessary; one is capable of retrieving their data and overcoming the error of accidental data deletion.


How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Data

There are various ways available for anyone who has faced accidental data deletion. These vary in technique and tools used in the recovery process. It should however be noted that whereby the free and at times some software that are paid for are unable to recover your data then you will have to seek the services of data recovery companies which at times tend to be expensive.

There are certain programs that may be used. These may be programs like the TestDisk that is actually a freeware that has proven to be effective and is definitely worth trying out before settling for the more expensive options. The Test disk program usually comes bundled together with PhotoRec, which is actually a program that is used when recovering photos from mainly the SD cards whereas the TestDisk is actually a program is for mainly recovering files that are on the hard disks.

After you have downloaded the program file, you then extract it and then proceed to run the test disk application that is situated within the directory. You will then see that a command prompt, then pops up and that is actually how the program normally runs. It should be noted that the program is actually really easy to use in the event of accidental data deletion.

The program will then ask if you may want to create a log file, append an existing one or even not use one completely. It should be noted that it is advisable to simply leave it to create and proceed to press enter. You will then be asked to state the particular disk that you want to be scanned.

Accidental Data Deletion Retrieval Do’s and Don’ts

Before engaging in the process of data retrieval due to accidental data deletionit is extremely critical that certain things and procedures should not be overlooked. It is very important for one to always first of all check their computer recycle bin just to make sure that your files are not still available in there. If this is so, then one just needs to right click on them so as to restore them. It is also important to make sure that all other programs are closed out including even the programs running on the taskbar. Finally, one should not create any new files, move any data or even copy any data.