Mobile And Tablet Data Recovery Services

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You have just lost your Data Recovery Services on a mobile phone or tablet due to physical shock, abnormally high electrical exposure, formatting or a virus.

In these situations, the Sector Disk laboratory data recovery service is actively present to solve these types of problems. We provide Data Recovery Services adapted to the different types of mobile phones, smart phones and tablets currently on the market. 

Our spectrum of action is wide! We also deal with older models which have almost disappeared from our horizon of use but which can still be found at the bottom of a well-preserved drawer just in case.

This type of failure requires treatment in a Micro-Soldering workshop for careful observation of the state of the motherboard in order to be able to determine the technique that must be implemented to gain access to the operating system of the media. or directly data. There are different recovery techniques for this.

There is the technique of “Chip Off” it consists of working directly on the memory of the media via a module which allows connection to the Nand or on an EMMC chip to have the entry by the management software optimized for this type of operation. 

It is possible to perform this technique when Wikipedia the mobile is not encrypted, which represents a small part of today’s mobiles.

Another technique consists in doing a partial resuscitation of the medium to allow to have a common access point. It is an operation that turns out to be long and complex because the fact of carrying out micro interventions can create collateral damage to the initially functional sectors which are already sensitized.