How To Data Recovery Services From Mobile Or Tablet?

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Depending on the model, the data extraction is different, but in general, the mobile is opened, a device is connected directly to the chip where the data is stored and a  complete data recovery of the mobile is carried out . Once all the content has been extracted, the information can be converted and the data assembled. Mobile data recovery  is complete.

Mobile or tablet Data Recovery Services is a highly demanded service today. The use of mobile phones and smartphones for everyday life has led to a very high increase in the amount of information that we carry on these devices. An accidental fall, water, etc., can mean losing mobile data.

What data can be recovered in the data extraction process?
  • Conversations on Whats app , Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks
  • SMS , MMS and email messages
  • Deleted photos  and deleted videos
  • Installed and deleted applications (interesting in case you have inadvertently installed some spyware )
  • Deleted contacts in the agenda : important in case you want to decide if someone knows another person or has had any contact with them.
  • Deleted voice conversations  . As well as audio messages by Whats app
  • Internet history  and searches performed
  • Passwords that have been stored on the mobile (usually encrypted)
  • Cookies, valid to know which pages you have browsed or if you have spoofed identity .
  • Log of sent and received calls deleted
  • Emails  and program databases.
  • Devices connected via Bluetooth  at some point
  • The Wi-Fi networks that the device has connected  to at some point
  • Known locations  that the mobile has registered at some point
  • User accounts  that have been on mobile

If the Wikipedia data has been deleted and the mobile is accessible and, always depending on the type of mobile, from €199. In cases where the device does not turn on, the cost is €595. Always prices plus VAT.