How To Data Recovery Services Deleted Files On Phone

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The question of how to Data Recovery Services deleted files on an Android phone arises in a variety of cases. Perhaps you erased important pictures by mistake or in a hurry and now you want to get them back. Maybe photos, videos (or other types of files) have disappeared from memory due to a failure of the external drive. It is possible that the reason for the deletion was the operation of the “cleaner” application. 

There can be many reasons – and for each of them there is a solution. In the article, we will consider the most popular ways to Data Recovery Services (files, folders) in a smartphone. Didn’t work or don’t want to waste time searching? Contact the Good Deeds Service for help!

The story of how to recover deleted files on the phone, let’s start by listing the types of files that can be recovered. Theoretically, you can return both photos and videos, as well as archives or text documents, but the chances are greatest for photos. 

Data Recovery Services

The reason for this is the automatic sending of deleted pictures stored on the device to the Trash. In this system directory, they are stored for several more days (usually 30 days), after which they are permanently erased.

Storing data on an external drive (usually a microSD card) makes it possible to return files without obtaining root access and without resorting to complex operating system settings. You will only work with media removed from your smartphone. To increase the efficiency of the process, immediately after the discovery of Twitter data loss, do not write anything to the memory card: each subsequent write reduces the chances of recovery, since old information (accidentally deleted) can be replaced by new one.

Below we will consider two programs that allow you to restore files on your phone through a computer. Before starting work, remove the microSD and connect it to a PC – into a suitable slot or through an adapter-card reader. You do not need to format the media at the suggestion of the system – this way you will permanently delete the information that you are trying to return.