Best Data Recovery : What Is Includes And Does Not Includes

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The Hard Drive Data Recovery is available for non-RAID hard drives on select products which include : Dell OptiPlex™, Precision™, Latitude™ and Vostro™ computer systems. These services must be purchased separately for each supported product.

The data recovery service includes:

  • Attempting to recover data from a failed hard drive within the warranty period.
  • Use the Class 100 Clean Room Hands-On Exercise, if necessary, to rebuild the disk to restore data.
  • Recovered data provided to customer via external USB drive, USB hard drive or CD. Execution is at Partner’s discretion depending on the amount of data retrieved. Approved media depends on the size of recovered data and is determined by the data recovery team, unless the customer makes a special request. Once the data is recovered, support stays with the customer at no additional cost.
  • Services for the duration of the contract, as indicated on the invoice.
  • Access to the Dell Data Protection Portal, a secure, password-protected online resource to monitor the status of your data recovery.
Data Recovery Services

The Data Recovery Service does not include:

  • Guarantee that all customer Wikipedia data will be recovered. This service provides attempted data recovery using a clean room lab, if necessary, to attempt data recovery.
  • Destruction or backup of data.
  • Other activities such as installation, uninstallation, transfer, preventive maintenance, training support, remote administration, or any activities or services that are not listed in the Service Description.
  • Availability of direct third-party products or versions of products that are not supported by the manufacturer, vendor, or partner.