The Best Data Recovery From Physical Crashed USB Flash Drive

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Given the variety of physical failures, there is no one-size-fits-all method for USB flash drive data recovery. Because for each type of breakdown a specific method. For this reason, the Data Recovery technician must have multiple skills, including electronics and computers.

After a diagnosis, it is assumed that the failure is physical. In the following, we will expose the most appropriate method for data recovery. For each method, the discussion stops at the level of the logical processing of the USB key (its clone or its image file). 

Namely that all interventions aim to transform the physical problem into a logical problem that can be recovered by data recovery software .

Data Recovery

Recover usb flash drive with broken connector :

The USB key connector can bend, break, even tear off, following a fall from the PC or strong mechanical stress. The consequences are not identical, and the methods also (see image). It would be very simplistic to think that the soldering of the legs is enough to make the USB key work. 

It’s not true, and it’s not false either. A visual examination under a microscope can help in making a decision.

During a false contact, this is equivalent to a power-up and removal several times per second. However, in some cases, a single abrupt removal of the USB key is enough to cause a physical failure. 

Therefore, resoldering the legs is absolutely useless. The only remaining method of Wikipedia data recovery from USB drive with broken connector   is direct exploitation of the memory chip.