EDB Exchange Recovery

How to repair a corrupted Exchange EDB database?

Disk compression is the method that people who use computers is effective in reducing the disk space for that specific folder, file, or hard drive. As you are very mindful 2 kinds of file systems are used by desktops. These are named as FAT file system and NTFS file system. The compression technique that’s implemented on NTFS file method is called as NTFS file compression. But, usually, it can be seen that Exchange users those are choosing NTFS file system in a compressed manner may face Exchange corruption issues that further leads to data inaccessibility. To take care of such annoying issues, it really is better to undertake process to fix EDB files via usage of brilliant tools dedicated for EDB Repair Tool.

Get An Idea About Effects Of NTFS Compression On Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store that could be the storage space to hold emails and other information created beneath the same environment. The MES information store is first afflicted with NTFS compression issues when due to this reason Exchange encounters any issue. Some reasons behind Exchange store corruption as a result of NTFS Compressed volume:

1> When an NTFS file compressed over 4 GB then, you could see annoying issues as it can certainly pull Exchange files in inaccessibility 2> At the single time when various requests are availed on the same Server then, Exchange gets neglect to merge every one of these requests onto an NTFS compressed partition. Heavy load servers and heavy write services are certainly not handled by Exchange 3> Exchange log files or even configured with NTFS volume then, you cannot keep a mapping intelligently and yes it becomes the key reason why to mend mailbox database EDB 4> Non-sufficient place on the Exchange may pull you in requirement to repair corrupt priv1. Edb

Distinct Corruption Reasons For Exchange

Apart from NTFS compression you may face other conditions compel you to repair EDB files. Fix exchange checksum errors will also be one commonly seen issue that is encountered by Exchange users. But, users think how to mend EDB files appropriately and intelligently. The better way to handle corruption issues is acquiring a smart tool to fix EDB databases.

Suggested Potential Tool For Exchange EDB Recovery

To repair EDB files intelligently, the Exchange Recovery tool offers better assistance plus it keeps intact every one of the properties after finding yourself EDB recovery. Software is availed in distinct versions so, users can make the kind of license according to their unique convenience.

Recovery from Fat Ntfs Partitions and Operating Systems failures

Microsoft controls appr0x. 90% of the PC market as well as Server plateforms. Therefore it is no surprise that the FAT and NTFS file systems are still the most utilized for both Operating system drives as well as secondary storage devices such as flash drives and compact flash cards.

Since partitions can use different file systems, we’re going to name a partition using its file system name. Naturally, FAT and NTFS partitions occur most regularly as partitions underneath the Windows series. But in our daily computer use, we quite often lose partitions due to operational errors or viruses and other causes, and concern most concerning the recovery of lost FAT and NTFS partition. Actually recovering lost FAT or NTFS partition isn’t difficult, you just need to consider powerful partition management or data recovery software.


FAT and NTFS file systems:

Microsoft developed multiple FAT file systems that improved with each version and increased the performance, storage capability and overall performance. Mainly FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. FAT12 and FAT16 are primarily-used Windows file system in relatively early days. But now, FAT32 file system, which has superior performance, is easily the most common one for the computer. NTFS is really a new file system put together by Microsoft, along with the standard file system after Windows NT operating system. Its superiority of performance has created it basically replaced FAT. So what exactly advantages does NTFS possess? Let me create a brief introduction:
1. With an error warning function;
2. More efficient inside file reading speed and disk space utilization;
3. Can support the volume size to 2TB, while the largest to FAT is 32GB;
4. With event log function to stop common viruses from damaging your data;
5. With the disk self-repairing capabilities;
6. Support compression for partitions, folders and files;
7. On a NTFS partition, you are able to set files access permissions to express resources, folders and files.Above briefly introduce FAT and NTFS file systems and also the advantages of the latter, if you want to get more info knowledge about the file system, please search the Microsoft knowledge base for more details.



Recovering of lost data

One of the common causes of random computer crashes is that of an overheating computer. This overheating of the computer is mainly caused by the blockage of airflow through the computer, this is also followed by a failing or completely failed fan. Everyone probably knows that there are fans set up in their computers whose sole purpose is to move the cooler air throughout so as to cool down the components that are in the computer. The PC processor, hard disk drive and some more components therein all make the heat, and should this heat not be in a way dispersed, then the components themselves tend to become too hot, hence start functioning improperly, and then end up causing a crash.

This is Particular when it comes to the laptops, especially; it is extremely easy for one to accidentally block the air vents which allow the air to flow properly within and through the device. It is actually recommended to never put the laptop on one lap: instead one may opt to use a table or if possible a laptop desk sort device which ensures that there is proper airflow.

However, the desktop computers are usually more vulnerable to dust and pet hair, which are capable of clogging the air vents, thus preventing the flow and circulation of air. It is usually advisable for one to unplug their computers and check the inside. Then one should carefully clean it out if there is the presence of large quantities of dust and dirt inside it. This is so as to avoid the computer crashing thereby necessitating the recovering of lost data.

The Process Of Recovering Lost Data


There may be situations whereby one had been smart enough to back up their data, in such scenarios, then if the files had been backed up to a compact disk or any other form of electronic data storage, then the process of recovering the lost data is made easier. It is then recommended that the particular file that was lost be restored from the backup source in hand, if the lost or damaged files cannot be located.

There may also be scenarios whereby the lost data may have been accidentally deleted, but may still be accessible in the recycle bin. In such scenarios, then the file is simply restored from the recycle bin.

Options for Recovering Lost Data

In the process of trying to locate and recover lost data, one may be faced with various challenges such as developing complications during the attempt of recovering lost data. One should also remember that whenever a file is deleted, it may have been marked as deleted, but in the real sense it has not been removed from the hard drive. This makes it possible for one to still go ahead and recover the particular file. This may be done by one downloading a free data recovery program and should there be further complications one may consult a data recovery company.

How to encrypt files on MAC, Windows and Linux

Your computer might have several confidential and data that you’d always want to keep protected and inaccessible by others. However, often situations arise, in which you require sharing your PCs online websites. In such a scenario, the majority of us elect to receive the confidential files hidden in order that other users can’t access those.

But if your other user is sensible in handling PCs, then he/she can be very much mindful of how you can comprehend the hidden files. Therefore that you are recommended to obtain the data encrypted for complete protection, in case your computer has any type of important and confidential data, just like your bank information, financial information or some other sorts of intellectual property.
Read below to understand, the way to encrypt your hard disk, internal drive, removable drive and specific files on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X respectively.

Windows has built-in BitLocker encryption which can be found simply to the Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of Windows. It is efficient at encrypting the files in the entire Windows system drive as well as other internal drive. However, it’s not necessarily intended for standard editions of Windows, Core edition of Windows 8 or 8.1, and Windows 7 Home edition. Hence, although Bitlocker is an effective in-built encryption tool on Windows, but it’s not necessarily accessible for everyone’s usage.

In that scenario, TrueCrypt is one in the most recommended third-party encryption solutions on Windows. It offers a number of encryption solutions which is effective at encrypting entire system drive, removable drive, specific files, etc. But the currents status of TrueCrypt was in a doubtful situation as TrueCrypt’s website published an email on May 28, 2014 that reads ‘TrueCrypt has stopped being maintained and is also unsafe to utilize.’
However, an audit of TrueCrypt’s code didn’t turn up the opportunity of any serious problems. In fact the Gibson Research Corporation site renders available a final releases of TrueCrypt, which may be downloaded and used. The site argues that TrueCrypt remains safe and secure to make use of. As there is wide range of uncertainty and debate above the safety of TrueCrypt, hence nothing can probably be said with confirmation.
There are not any other free open-source tools designed for Windows. But there are numerous paid tools like 7-Zip. It can’t encrypt your entire hard disk but they can encrypt specific files.

Linux distribution and desktop environment are the most effective at providing user-friendly encryption solutions. Ubunto as well as other GNOME-based Linux distributions include built-in encryption tools and support solutions that are intended for all the users.
In Ubuntu, you may encrypt one’s body while installing it
With the Disk Utility application in Ubuntu, you may easily encrypt removable drives
By using encfs (encrypted file system), it is possible to encrypt files in a other folder
Graphical Archive Manager tool supports creating encrypted archives

Mac OS X
Apple’s Mac OS X is usually good regarding offering encryption support. It comes with a range of tools that facilitate easy encryption of entire hard disk drive to specific files. All encryption top features of Mac are built-in and will be setup and in combination with some clicks only.
Listed listed here are some in the encryption solutions on Mac OS X:
FileVault permits you to encrypt entire system drive
It also permits you to encrypt a removable drive, that may be found on the Finder
The Disk Utility helps you to create an encrypted disk image file, which you’ll be able to lock and unlock at will.

Best thing over it is there aren’t different editions with the Mac OS X desktop. Hence, there is absolutely no question of obtaining different included software. Mac encryption tools are offered and useable on every Mac system.

As stated earlier, when your system has virtually any confidential data you want to hold shielded from others, then receiving the data encrypted would be the right protection measure. Based on the desktop environment you’re using, there is an aforementioned encryption solutions available. However, it is important to get dealt with may be the encryption paraphrase or password. It is very much recommended that you must make use of a strong password otherwise perhaps the encrypted data can become liable to easy decryption.


My Computer Crashed – How Difficult Is Recovering Lost Data?

The difficulty of recovering lost data depends primarily on the extent of the data loss that occurred. When a hard drive crashes, the solutions to recovering the lost data can range from simply recovering files from backup, to using an emergency Boot Disk to needing the help of a data recovery service.

If the user prepared a backup of files on an external hard drive prior to the event of the crash, this is the easiest way that the data can be recovered in case the computer’s hardware crashes. Computer professionals always recommend the importance of backing up user files at regularly scheduled times.

recovering lost dataFiles can also be recovered through an emergency Boot Disk. When the hard drive is not recognized by the computer, the user can check if it is detected by the BIOS, the shell instructions that run in the background when a PC starts up. If the drive is detected, files may be restored through an emergency Boot Disk. Change the directory of the hard drive and check whether the Master Boot Record is damaged. Master Boot Records can be repaired on a PC with a DOS command prompt by typing fdisk/mbr. This will ensure the safety of the files and will allow the user to access and back them up once the Windows reloads.

Another way of recovering lost data if the hard drive crashes is through the data partition. This can be done by booting the computer from the computer’s startup disk and recovering the files from the data partition. However, data recovery is more difficult when there is no partition visible.

The user can also download and install freeware programs or purchase programs online or in stores that can recover data. As long as the files are not overwritten, there is a good probability that they can still be recovered. Different recovery programs are available in the Internet and can assist in the restoration of files from the hardware.

If there is no way the data can be recovered by using these simple methods, a professional data loss technician can assist in more complex situations. This is important especially if the hardware has physical damages. A data recovery expert is more knowledgeable regarding the proper way of recovering data, ensuring that the files are safe and can still be recovered.

Is a Corrupted Partition In My Hard Drive Easy to Fix?

From time to time, many of us find ourselves in need of the partition recovery now and then. You must have had the experience whereby the system cannot find the partitions. Therefore, if you actually want to gain access to the files on the partitions, then you will have to definitely recover the lost data first.

As we all know, one physical disk is capable of being divided into several partitions (in relation to the drive letters such as C: or D :), they may also be called “volumes”.

corrupted partition

Once a hard disk has been divided into the several partitions, the directories and the files of different categories may actually be stored in different partitions. More partitions therefore provide more control, but too many may then become cumbersome. There should be Careful consideration of the number of the partition that is actually necessary, as this helps avoid the causes of corrupted partition.

Main Reasons for Partitioning

Given the varying needs of computer users, the need for portioning may vary depending on the individual and the activity being undertaken with the computer. It should however that even though portioning has its advantages, corrupted partition may lead to inconvenience. Generally in summary, we can then come to a conclusion on the purposes of partitioning as followings; so as to Keep and maintain the Operating System files, the frequently used programs and the user data near one another. Also, so as to have an area for the Operating System’s virtual memory swapping and or paging.

Having the cache and the log files, separates from other files. From the use of the multi booting setups, which allow the users to have more than one, for instance, one can install the Mac OS X, the Microsoft Windows or others on the different partitions on the same hard disk. For the purpose of protecting or isolating files, so as to make it easier to recover data from the corrupted partition, the other file systems will not be affected and the drive’s data may still be salvaged if one of the partitions is corrupted. To raise the overall computer performance on the systems with smaller partitions is more efficient.

How to Recover Corrupted Partition

In the scenario that you cannot see the part you need in the Windows Disk Management, it could be lost and the data on it could also be lost along with the partition table. In reality, the partition is not actually lost, even if the partition table is destroyed by a virus or is deleted accidentally. If the partition table has been destroyed by a virus or other defects, then the free partition recovery software can help in partition recovery. Data backup is recommended in case of any accident. Recovery partition software for the hard disk is actually designed to recover the deleted or corrupted partitions on a hard drive. They run under Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7.


The Best Data Recovery Tools

The one best way for one to recover from an unexpected data loss is simply to be properly prepared. With any one of the following tools being on hand, you will always be ready to not only save but also secure your data from imminent loss. These data recovery tools are a must have. Whereas the best defense against data loss is usually the redundant and an actual real-time backup, we do understand that at times data loss comes unexpectedly. Whether it be that your vacation photos didn’t make it safely from your digital camera to your computer or a clumsy roommate deleted the very paper you have been tirelessly working on all week, having the right data recovery tools handy is very crucial to retrieving your data before it is completely lost.

List Of Data Recovery Tools

One of these data recovery tools is TestDisk. This is actually a powerful open-source tool used for recovering your lost data. Not only can it perform the basic file recovery such as undulating the accidentally deleted files from the FAT, the NTFS, and the ext2 file systems, it also comes with a host of quite an amount of additional functionality. With this open-source tool you can possibly recover your boot sector from a backup, then rebuild your sector, and then fix FAT tables, after which you fix your MFT, and then locate the ext2/ext3 backup Superblock, then copy the deleted files from the partitions to the recovery mode, and then find the lost sections in dozens of formats so as to help you in locating lost data. It is a command line tool, and as such there is no graphical user interface, but the available menus and documentation found in the wiki should be able to get you started without any trouble

Other Data Recovery Tools

Another outstanding data recovery tool is Recuva. This is actually a user-friendly Windows-based tool. Whenever you do run Recuva, you are capable of resurrecting missing files by using either the file-recovery wizard or you can use the application’s own manual mode. This file-recovery wizard is useful when you are certain that your data is gone, but not quite sure where it is located or how to retrieve it. This wizard allows you to narrow your search type to either pictures, or music, or documents, or video, or all files, and you then can set the search location to your whole computer, or removable media only, or My Documents, the Recycle Bin, or even a specified location. Should you not require the wizard, you can go right into manual mode and get down to work looking where you know the file should be.

Recuva usually uses a green/yellow/red light system to show how probable the recovery of your files is, and if available, it provides a preview image files available for the recovery. It also includes a tool for securely wiping files you find. It is handy when attempting a file recovery just to ensure that the files are actually truly gone.

Can You Reverse Accidental Data Deletion?

It is a dreaded occurrence for anyone using a computer to carry out a project or just go about the day to day duties like filing or finishing assignments to accidentally delete a particular file that was of extreme importance. This does happen even to the best of us and when most of us find ourselves in such a situation, not being sure what to do, they start panicking. This should however not be the case as with the proper guidelines and tools necessary; one is capable of retrieving their data and overcoming the error of accidental data deletion.

Accidental Data Deletion

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Data

There are various ways available for anyone who has faced accidental data deletion. These vary in technique and tools used in the recovery process. It should however be noted that whereby the free and at times some software that are paid for are unable to recover your data then you will have to seek the services of data recovery companies which at times tend to be expensive.

There are certain programs that may be used. These may be programs like the TestDisk that is actually a freeware that has proven to be effective and is definitely worth trying out before settling for the more expensive options. The Test disk program usually comes bundled together with PhotoRec, which is actually a program that is used when recovering photos from mainly the SD cards whereas the TestDisk is actually a program is for mainly recovering files that are on the hard disks.

After you have downloaded the program file, you then extract it and then proceed to run the test disk application that is situated within the directory. You will then see that a command prompt, then pops up and that is actually how the program normally runs. It should be noted that the program is actually really easy to use in the event of accidental data deletion.

The program will then ask if you may want to create a log file, append an existing one or even not use one completely. It should be noted that it is advisable to simply leave it to create and proceed to press enter. You will then be asked to state the particular disk that you want to be scanned.

Accidental Data Deletion Retrieval Do’s and Don’ts

Before engaging in the process of data retrieval due to accidental data deletion, it is extremely critical that certain things and procedures should not be overlooked. It is very important for one to always first of all check their computer recycle bin just to make sure that your files are not still available in there. If this is so, then one just needs to right click on them so as to restore them. It is also important to make sure that all other programs are closed out including even the programs running on the taskbar. Finally, one should not create any new files, move any data or even copy any data.

Should I Call My Wireless Provider for Smartphone Data Recovery?

It has nowadays become a common trend for everyone to opt for the use of smart phones. Smart phones have become very popular with the phones being turned into the very center of our lives. From taking photos with loved ones and friends, to taking selfies, to storing our favorite music collections and even movies, to storing our important data and even for our downloads. The list just keeps going and this is one key indication that smart phones have become a necessary part of our day to day lives. However, these are just simply machines and from time to time, they tend to be prone to either physical or logical damage. This often leads to the loss of the very important that we always have stored in them. This leads to the necessity for smart phone data recovery processes and procedures.

smart phone data recovery

Smart Phone Data Recovery Processes

In such a case as when one has lost the data stored in their smart phones, it is important to first of all look into all the viable options available to them before making a decision on which one to proceed with. This information may easily be accessed through the internet as most service providers provide detailed guidelines on what their users may do in case of such an occurrence. If one is extremely sure on how to go about the data recovery process mainly meant for smart phone data recovery, then he or she may download the data recovery software available on the internet and proceed to follow the steps and guidelines given to the data recovery process.

This should however be noted as an option that one should undertake strictly if and when they are completely sure about they are actually engaging in. If one is uncertain on what to do In this case scenario, then it is highly recommended that one seeks the services of a professional data recovery firm, or he or she may opt to contact or return the smart phone to the actual phone company for assistance or one may actually just go ahead and contact their wireless provider and ask for the assistance needed. This is actually better than trying to retrieve the data on your own just to end up messing things up more. The data recovery companies’ services are preferable since they are not only trustworthy, but are also fast and offer a money back guarantee in the event that they are unable to retrieve the data for smart phone data recovery.

Smart Phone Data Recovery Key points

In the event that your phone lacks a USB Mass Storage mode, it is usually possible to add it through using a modified kernel or even a kernel extension which either may or may not require a firmware Reflashing. It is important to note that while these procedures are harmless, android phones are designed to be open and also extendible. This needs a fair level of technological knowledge